Ph. D. Theses

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S.No. Name of Student Thesis title Year Co-supervisor
1 Mr. Avijeet Singh Jaswal Synthesis of fructo-oligosaccharides using recombinant fructosyl transferases On-going Dr. R. Krishnan Elongavan
2 Ms. Aakanksha Ahlawat Characterization of laccase genes/ gene products from Cyathus bulleri and their applications in textile wastewater treatment On-going
3 Ms. Manju Degradation of complex dyes in textile effluent using engineered Laccase On-going Dr. P. Srivastava
4 Ms. Sakhshi Aggarwal Enhancing the secretory efficiency of Granulocyte Colony- Stimulating Factor in Pichia Pastoris via manipulation of secretory signal sequences Thesis submitted (Dec 2019)
5 Mr. Mool Chand Production of therapeutic protein in Pichia pastoris Thesis submitted (July 2019) Prof. D. Sundar
6 Ms. Nitu Maity Molecular and bioprocess intervention for enhanced production of human serum albumin in Pichia pastoris 2019
7 Ms. Arpita Vats Evaluation of laccases produced on solid substrate media 2018
8 Mr. Rishabh Gangwar Production of CDH and characterization Thesis submitted Dr. S. Rasool (from SMVDU, Katra, Jammu)
9 Mr. Ashwani Gautam Integrated strategy for production of therapeutic protein in Pichia pastoris 2017
10 Ms. Tenzin Kenzom Engineering of laccase for development of high-redox enzymes. 2015 Dr. P. Srivastava
11 Ms. Jyoti Batra Engineering of β–glucosidase I of Pichia etchellsii for enhanced organic solvent and thermal tolerance and its use in aryl-oligosaccharide synthesis. 2014
12 Ms. Swati Ojha Enzyme catalyzed transglycosylation for synthesis of oligosaccharides and alkyl glucosides 2014 Prof. S. Chand
13 Mr. Younis Rather (registered at Sri Mata Vaishno Devi university, Katra, J&K) Enzyme catalyzed synthesis of alkyl glucosides and polyglucosides using β–glucosidases in microaqueous/organic medium 2013 Prof. V.Verma( from SMVDU)
14 Mr. Ashwani Kumar Effect of biofertilizers on Jatropha curcas under abiotic stress 2011 Dr. S. Sharma, Centre for Rural Development and Technology,IIT Delhi
15 Ms. Richa Molecular cloning, sequence analysis and engineering of -–glucosidases for improved biosynthesis of oligosaccharides Dec. 2010 (Ph.D. viva completed)
16 Ms. Meenu Chhabra Laccase mediated decolorization/detoxification of textile dyes and textile effluents 2010 (degree awarded) Prof. T. R. Sreekrishnan
17 Mr. Mohd. Asif Shah Structural analysis of -glucosidase of family 3 glycosylhydrolases 2010 (degree awarded) Dr. T. K. Chaudhuri, Prof. T.P. Singh, Department of Biophysics AIIMS, New Delhi
18 Ms. Parul Gupta Chaperone assisted folding study of yeast mitochondrial aconitase in Escherichia coli 2008 (degree awarded) Dr. T. K. Chaudhuri
19 Ms. Ranjita Biswas Studies on xylanase production by Melanocarpus albomyces IIS 68 2008 (degree awarded) Prof. V.S. Bisaria and Dr. V. Sahai
20 Mr. Subhankar Paul Conformational studies and refolding of maltodextrin glucosidase probed by circular dichroism and fluorescence 2007 (degree awarded) Dr. T. K. Chaudhuri
21 Mr. Rakesh Kumar Enzymatically transformed protein binders and thickeners 2006 (Degree awarded) Prof. Veena Choudhary, Centre for Polymer Science and Engg. IIT-Delhi
22 Ms. Salony Biochemical characterization and genetic studies of laccase in Cyathus bulleri 2006(Degree awarded) Prof. V.S. Bisaria
23 Ms. Pranita Roy Structural and functional studies of -glucosidase genes of thermotolerant yeast Pichia etchellsii 2006 (Degree awarded)
24 Ms. Anu Wallecha Purification of -glucosidase from the yeast Pichia etchellsii 2000(Degree Awarded)
25 Ms. Yukti Bhatia Enzymatic biosynthesis of oligosaccharides and lycol-conjugates using purified -glucosidases 2001(Degree awarded) Prof. V.S. Bisaria
26 Ms. Manjula Pandey Expression of Pichia etchellsii -glucosidase gene in Escherichia coli: regulation and characterization of the encoded product 1997 (Degree awarded)
27 Mr. R.R. Banka Purification and biochemical studies of Fibril forming protein from Trichoderma reesei 1997 (Degree awarded)
28 Ms. Benu Sethi Studies on the effect of sorbose on biosynthesis and properties of cellulase enzymes in Trichoderma reesei 1996 (Degree awarded) Prof. V.S. Bisaria
29 Mr. Amulya K. Panda Growth and product formation in plant cell culture of Holarrhena antidysenterica 1991 (Degree awarded) Prof. V.S. Bisaria
30 Mr. Perdeep K. Mehta Microbial oxidation of methane to methanol 1987 (Degree awarded) Prof. T.K. Ghose