M.S. (Biochemical Engineering and biotechnology)

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S.No. Name of Student Thesis title Year
1 Ms. S. Laxmi (2017-2019)
2 Ms. Radhika Khera (2015-17)
3 Ms. Akanksha Gautam Synthesis of short-chain alkyl-β-D-glucosides using whole cells of Microbacterium paraoxydans (2016)
4 Mr. Anshul Kumar Sharma Effect of media constituents and process parameters on production of codon optimized granulocyte colony stimulating factor from Pichia pastoris (2010)
5 Ms. Neha Garg Cloning and expression of Cyathus bulleri laccase in yeast (2008)
6 Mr. Arun K. Mishra Synthesis of alkyl glucosides using –glucosidases from thermo-tolerant yeast Pichia etchellsii (2007)